Quality plast Limited is a plastic Manufacturing Company based in Nairobi Kenya, it was established in 2010 by three young entrepreneurs with different background but shared and believed in work, dedication, and passion to win. At the beginning, they named it  Asili Plastics Limited but later on changed the company name to Quality plast Limited. The company manufactures Pet Preforms, Caps and Bottles as well.

Our Vision

To be the supplier of choice in the plastic industry in East Africa region and Africa at large.

Mission Statement

We pledge:

  • To support our customers across East Africa and Africa at large by providing superior products of exceptional quality and value.

  • To create long-term shareholder value by meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations of quality as we deliver our products on time and on budget.

  • This will be achieved by creating a fully participatory environment supported by necessary


    while maintaining the highest ethical standards.


In order to best serve our customers and remain true to our employees, Quality plast Limited embraces the following core values:

Quality is best measured with a view outward to the customer, inward to employees, and cross functionally within the organization. At Quality plast Limited, it denotes a commitment to excellence and superior outcomes, and is reflected in our products, employees, and business practices.


At Quality plast Limited, we say what we mean and do what we say.  We act with unconditional honesty, respect, and courtesy at all times.


We believe in accepting responsibility and the consequences, and taking ownership while embracing common goals, teamwork, and collaborative decision-making.

Team Work

We work in a collaborative environment where team success takes precedence over individual achievement and where we encourage new ideas and practices without judgment or criticism. Our success will come from focused strategic growth with a team and strategic partners that share our values.

Continuous Improvement

We are relentless in our pursuit to creatively, intelligently, and systematically improve in everything we do; from our business practices and technology, to our commitment to personal and professional employee development.


Above all, by holding true to our core values and through devoted customer appreciation and respect, we will earn our customers trust, and thereby develop the long standing business relationships that are the heart of our company development.